Sage Payroll

Sage Payroll RTI Edition is HMRC-recognised payroll software that is ideal for businesses with more than 25 employees. It’s easy to set up and use, lets you run a hassle-free payroll and is fully equipped to handle Real Time Information (RTI).

Why choose Sage Payroll?

  • Automate your payroll calculations: Accurately calculate employee wages, PAYE, NI and other statutory payments. Use the free E-banking add-on to connect Sage Payroll with your online banking, giving you more flexibility over how you pay your employees.
  • Submit and receive data from HMRC online: Collect data, such as changes to employee tax codes, from the HMRC Secure Mailbox and directly apply them to your employee records. RTI and PAYE submissions are made easy to complete directly from your software.
  • Print or email payslips and P60s: Sage Payroll gives you the flexibility to choose from a selection of layouts to print or securely e-mail to employees, providing a quick and hassle-free way to send payslips, P60s and other statutory forms.
  • Keep up to date with the latest payroll legislation: Sage will keep you up-to-date with changes in payroll legislation like Real Time Information and Pension Auto-Enrolment. Providing you with peace of mind, your payroll software is compliant with current legislation.
  • Securely store your employee records: Store all your employee information in one place, and keep it secure by applying access rights for different users. Save detailed employee records, personal details, tax codes and pay history.
  • Manage your costs with Salary Review Forecasting: The Salary Forecasting tool helps you understand the impact of pay rises, overtime and bonuses in your business. You can forecast changes to your payroll on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.

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