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Online vs On Premise

Sage 200 or Sage 200 Online

Sage 200 Online is the new online or cloud-based version of Sage 200. Introduced to offer you more choice about how you access, use and pay for your software.

You can still go down the traditional route of owning, controlling and managing your software within your business with the on premise solution.

It might help to think of it a bit like renting (online) versus buying your property (on premise). There are advantages to both options, but there are also lots of things to consider before deciding which is the right choice for your business.


Why choose…   an on premise solution?

  • You prefer to hold and manage your data in-house
  • You’d like to have a solution that’s economical in the long-term
  • If your type of business does not lend itself to cloud computing
  • You need integration with certain apps which isn’t possible via a cloud solution

Why choose…    an online solution?

  • You want to spread the cost of the solution across monthly payments
  • Making an up-front capital investment is not viable
  • You’d rather technical support was provided
  • You would like a quick set-up
  • You’d rather outsource security, back-up and maintenance of server and infrastructure

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