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Sage 200 CRM

CRM is included within Sage 200 to share information across the entire organisation. Using the CRM functionality will help you to simply and easily integrate front and back office functionality, and share vital customer information across your entire company. Front line staff will have easy access to financial and transactional data not normally held in CRM. Back office staff will be able to easily call up details of what is going on with prospects and customers when dealing with service issues.

As well as sharing information with Sage 200 you can also perform seamless, straight through input from CRM into order processing. Quotations can be generated from within CRM by sales people based on accurate and up to the minute pricing details pulled from the order processing and stock modules. Once accepted quotations can be turned directly into live orders without the need for re-keying.

Using Sage 200 CRM you can manage your customer and supplier relationships, improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, easily identify new customers, and take care of existing ones.


The Sage 200 integrated CRM allows you to:

  • Get the right messages to the right people at the right time.
  • Plan, execute and measure targeted campaigns using special interests and demographics.
  • Manage all your customer and supplier information including transaction history, multiple contacts and contact details.
  • Track the success of your campaigns and generate accurate return on investment information.
  • Create e-marketing campaigns with over 90 templates to get you started
  • Help your sales team achieve their targets more effectively and efficiently.
  • Direct leads to the salespeople best qualified to win the deal based on their skills and knowledge.
  • Allow your sales people to focus on selling by providing them instant access to the information they need.
  • Make every customer interaction more informative, more effective, and more profitable.


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