Spindle Professional is a document distribution application that creates, send and records items such as quotations, statements, remittance advices, invoices and confirmations of sales and purchase orders.

Spindle adds a professional touch to these standard documents by merging information from backdrops which can include a company logo, tables, images and other formatting options. With added backdrops there’s no need to use expensive pre-printed stationery. Instead, print directly onto plain paper and still achieve the same professional look-and-feel and level of branding for emailing, faxing and printing documents.

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Key Benefits

Save money by using plain paper rather than pre-printed stationery for professional looking invoices, orders and other documents.

Minimise paper completely and deliver documents faster by having Spindle Professional email your document including all backdrop formatting to the recipient.

Avoid paper wastage and outdated stationery.

Turn your standard document into advertising opportunities by including short-term adverts on documents (e.g. ‘See us at Stand 78 at the show’).

Create an unlimited number of professional-looking documents for multiple department including accounts, sales, customer service and more.

Choose which documents get printed to which printers.

Full duplex and collation support.

Include terms and conditions on relevant templates.

If you’re sending out large batches of documents

With just the click of a few buttons, Spindle Professional creates a large batch of templates like statements and purchase orders. These can be emailed and appear in a professionally finished format including terms and conditions and other information &/or images – not just the basic information. By emailing invoices and orders you’ll be able to save a huge amount of time and money compared to the posting, it could also help you collect payment faster! If you don’t have an email address, Spindle Professional also lets you fax pages.

By always choosing the most cost-effective means of dispatch, Spindle Professional ensures you save money page-by-page and account-by-account

If you’re using multi-part forms

With Spindle Professional you won’t need separate print jobs for multi-part forms such as delivery notes. Instead, the ‘document automation’ feature allows you to set up default print instructions about how many copies, where to print, and which type of backdrop. At the click of a button Spindle Professional will remember how to deal with a specific delivery note.

Keeping track of documents you produce is easy – Spindle Professional incorporates an archiving module that can instantly retrieve any previous document.

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