Hardware requirements for servers vary, depending on the role they are employed to fulfil within the network they are employed to serve. Absolute processor speed is not usually as critical to a server as it is to a desktop machine although all too often these days, processor requirements are specified by application environments. Servers’ duty to provide service to many users over a network lead to different requirements such as fast network connections and high I/O throughput.

01 Server SupportServers often need to run for long periods without interruption as demands on their availability to clients increase, making hardware reliability and durability extremely important. Mission-critical servers can be specified for a high degree of fault tolerance employing specialised hardware in order to maximise uptime, it may take only a few minutes of down time to justify the expense of entirely replacing the system with something more reliable. In fulfilling a fault tolerant role, servers can incorporate faster, higher-capacity hard drives in configurations that can accommodate hard disk failure events without affecting performance or uptime. Uninterrupted power could be assured using dual power supplies that ensure the servers continue to function in the event of a power supply unit (PSU) failure.

For over 25 years we have been providing, installing and supporting clients with the right servers to meet their specific needs and specifications within budgetary restraints and without compromise to both quality and efficiency.

Our preferred server platforms are based on the wide range of HP servers ensuring quality, efficiency and above all else, reliability. As HP Partners, we have access to a wealth of pre and after sales resource should the need arise. However, such is our position within the market place, we also have access to other manufacturer platforms to meet any specific requirements.

Choose Viking to specify, procure and deploy a server solution tailored to meet your business requirements and activities and you’ll be working with both a Microsoft Gold and HP partner and a dedicated hardware team possessing the professional qualities, qualifications, experience and extensive real world knowledge to provide the right solution for you.

To find out how we can help provide you with the right server solution, call our hardware sales team on 01759 305030.

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